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Suggested Reading (based on My Story)

Curious to learn more after reading My Story?

Here are some resources that I’ve found helpful over the past few years


Why I Believed: Reflections of a Former Missionary

Daniels, Kenneth W – Read this one first! Its about a former missionary and Wycliffe Bible translator who sorts through his doubts about Christianity after a lifelong pursuit of God. Cool note: I met him for coffee once in Texas and was an amazing, genuine person!

Rob Bell – addresses heaven and hell and what happens to all of us, debated by many fundamentals but fairly logical and backed by solid research

Your Deceptive Mind

Steven Novella – a great introductory study on logical and critical thinking, the scientific method and how we are so easily deceived as well as how to combat this deception

God is Not Great

Christopher Hitchens

The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins – I put these two together because they are somewhat similar. Warning, they both tend to bash Christianity a bit which can actually cause you to cling tighter to your beliefs regardless of the logic arguments against them. I’d recommend reading these only if you are very open minded or already have a lot of doubts about Christianity. They help answer some questions on evolution and show how religion isn’t actually so good as many people claim.

Why There is No God

Armin Navabi – I haven’t actually read this one but its recommended and I’m adding it to my reading list.

The Cure for Fundamentalism

Steve McRoberts – This guy goes verse by verse, pointing out inconsistencies in the Bible. Kind of like having a commentary on the Bible from an atheist instead of a theologian. Not always completely accurate but helpful

Bart D. Ehrman – book arguing for Jesus actual existence (which is the majority view among scholars), but also does a lot to show how the current Christian view of Jesus is not at all accurate based on what we know about history.
Richard Carrier
A controversial, but well researched, book looking at the possibility that Jesus did not ever really exist. This is the opponents view to the previous book which also shows how current Christianity is nothing like what the early church thought it was.

YouTube Channels:

Note: many of these are quite sarcastic. They make good points and helpful arguments, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, some have language that some may find offensive, others are just very in your face. Once again these were very helpful and influential me, probably far more than the books I read.

The Atheist Experience

Probably the most influential YouTube source for me. this is a live television show from Austin TX where hosts take questions from callers (primarily Christian callers) who then debate  and discuss their beliefs with the atheist hosts. There are hundreds of episodes.


This guy uses original cartoons to illustrate points about religion in often humorous and potentially offensive but effective ways. Some of his stuff is a bit confusing, others is dead on, watch his most popular videos first


Another cartoon guy who illustrates ideas with his art

The Atheist Voice

Simple, short videos about basic questions one might have about religion from the atheist perspective

Websites and online sources:

Also available as a book:

The Skeptics Annotated Bible

Particularly looks at Creationism claims versus what we know from scientific research

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7 thoughts on “Suggested Reading (based on My Story)

  1. You should check out Chris Hitchens brother, Peter – his books are quite good. Two good ‘old school’ authors would be C.S. Lewis and Malcolm Muggeridge. They are very intellectual individuals and it might take a while to process the conversation, but quite amazing since they came from very strong positions.

  2. What a great list even for someone like me who didn’t need the list. 🙂 Hitchens and Dawkins have to be my favorites. I didn’t need to be convinced, but I am interested in reading good convincing arguments to use when I might need to speak up.

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