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My Story: A Temporary Conclusion

Conclusion (for now)

We will never have all the answers. The more we know the more we learn we don’t know. Life has shown me that what I believed 5 years ago is vastly different from what I believe now. And that continues to happen.

I do not doubt that it could continue to happen throughout life. However, I hope (and experience confirms) that life will work like one of those funnels you drop a quarter down and watch is spiral from side to side closer and closer to the center as it goes downward.

Likely you and I will both go from varying degrees of belief, moral standards, thought processes, and life goals. Hopefully as we grow and learn we will get closer and closer to the center. Even if that process causes us to go from one side to the other, hopefully the extremes will be less extreme and we will gravitate more toward reality.

I highly doubt I will ever become a Christian again. I may not consider myself an atheist forever. However, I’ve seen Christianity so thoroughly (compare to other belief systems for example) that I find it hard to believe that I would ever follow that religion again.

My goal is to keep growing and keep becoming a better, well rounded, happy, caring, productive, member of society.

I will be honesty, writing this is sort of closure for me. I may decide to pursue some sort of activism in the future. But for now I hope to leave this behind me and just live my life. I’m happy with where I am and would like to focus on other issues that interest me…. like relationships and dating, traveling the world, finding a satisfying career, understanding what if any family I want for myself, and working on having a more positive influence on the world without giving up my love for spontaneity and living a bit on the edge.

Thanks for reading.


PS I’ll share some reading material in my next post!!!

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6 thoughts on “My Story: A Temporary Conclusion

  1. I think writing about something brings clarity to a belief or thoughts or whatever. Also reading aloud what one writes is just as important. I write my little poems and they sound fine in my mind, but when I read aloud to myself ……… sometimes not so good. lol A little edit can make all the difference. 🙂

  2. Just read this before checking out my post readings for the morning – Job 5:8 – “As for me, I would seek God and inquire of Him,
    And I would commit my cause to God” So glad that you have come to such a statement for your own life. Looks like you were following a religion – you might want to try following God and see where that takes you…

  3. Jesse, I’m probably several years older, and I’m still developing a character that is unknown to me. I think the satisfying aspect is that it’s not based on tradition or what others may think.

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