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My Story: Finding Peace

That ever elusive “peace that passes understanding”

One thing that the Bible teaches is that those who have faith in God will have a peace that passes understanding. Christians have a variety of beliefs about this concept. Perhaps you feel settled about life. Perhaps it means that you aren’t full of fear about the future. Perhaps you are no longer living in doubt. Perhaps you aren’t plagued with guilt from living an unrepentant lifestyle of sin. Perhaps it just means that you have peace knowing that your future is established and that anything that happens in life is part of God’s bigger plan.

There are many interpretations. Suffice to say that I never quite grasped this concept. It seemed there were always doubts. And even those who seemed most spiritual, would admit at times they had doubts. Why would the most supreme being in existence give us insignificant humans so many reasons for doubt?

When I finally realized I did not believe and completely rejected Christianity as invalid, I suddenly realized I had that same peace that was promised to me all my life but I never found.

I was truly ok with life. I accepted the future. I wasn’t worried about hell. I wasn’t worried about the fact that the natural instincts that I had were so contradictory what I was told by religion.

In other words, I found this magical “peace that passes understanding” by leaving the faith not by coming to it.

How could this be? And are Christians who claim they have it lying? Am I lying (many Christians believe that we atheists are truly miserable inside but put on an outside façade to compensate for our hopelessness. I am hear to confirm this. We are sad and miserable and constantly seeking drugs and other stimuli to drown the pain as we run away from God!)?

The truth is we are for the most part both being honest. I am being honest because for me having logical conclusions and knowing the truth gives me peace in life. I may not like the truth and may not always understand it, but being logical in my beliefs gives me a peace about the future. I am FAR less scared of death now than I’ve ever been before as a Christian believer.

From the Christians perspective? This is true likely because they have a need for all questions to be answered by some stable, absolute, permanent foundation. Christianity does this. Or tries to. It gives a blanket answer for all of life’s questions and also a hope that bad people will be punished and those you love will be seen again in heaven. It gives one hope of a future when life seems to suck now.

Both can be true. Just depends on your mental makeup and your personal thought processes. For me Christianity was a source of anxiety and harm. For others I suppose it is just the opposite.

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8 thoughts on “My Story: Finding Peace

  1. While I wish religion brought you peace, it doesn’t fit all obviously. It’s complex like everything in life. I can’t speak for all others, but I know I am at peace with my beliefs and Christianity. I do also see hoe confusing it could be.
    Have you studied other religions? Not that you have to, but I’m guessing while you have peace it seems you alot still to resolve. Maybe Buddhism, or other religions could offer you more.

    1. I’ve considered it but haven’t yet. My gut feeling is that the peace I was looking for is where I’ve found it, namely in lack of faith. I find peace in knowing based on observation and science and if I don’t know than simply saying “I don’t know”.

      1. You say you found peace in “lack of faith.” I think you have a lot of faith in your belief. Maybe you mean “lack of faith in God.”

  2. The way I see it, the vast majority if people across history have been religious in some form or another. And religions tend to market themselves as providing peace with death, as you have written. And in spite of that, anxiety about death is still somehow a thing. So it would seem to me that religion has a terrible track record in providing what it advertises. Of course, non-religion isn’t necessarily better – I myself has been pretty torn up over Bowie’s death, for example. But that’s because death is one of the core aspects of existance that are difficult to come to terms with, and maybe always will be. That a concept is difficult, however, is not in itself an argument for flocking to unlikely metaphysical explanations. The less wishful thinking, the better, in my view.

    Regards, Samuel/atcn

  3. Interesting. In my personal story and struggles, nothing has brought me peace like the relentless love of Jesus. Even when I feel the least worthy, He loves me.

  4. Thanks for corresponding with me. 🙂 A friend did ask me if you got your peace from a bottle or drugs like so many people that don’t care about God do, in her experience. I f you’re an atheist, you don’t care because you don’t think there’s anyone there to care about, that’s what I mean.

    Anyway, the peace that passes understanding that I’m talking about is a perfect calm while in the middle of a storm. It’s like being in a warm cocoon and suddenly knowing that Someone else is in the details and all will work out.

    I don’t pretend to know everything or even most things. I just know that even going to a Christian school, I never once heard of God wanting to be in relationship with me. That I was formed for His good pleasure and part of His pleasure is lavishing love on me. I see it in big ways and little ways.

    So there are Christians sold out to God and then there are Christians that didn’t really get the full message of Christ’s incredible love for us and His incredible sacrifice for us so we could walk with God here and now and then perfectly forever in eternity.

    I don’t know what your relationship with God was before you looked elsewhere. All I know is that I admire you honestly looking at faith and non-faith. Take care.

  5. You are spot on the belief in a deity or being in some religion is not a requirement for someone to find and have inner peace. A religion rarely helps they are more into conforming then anything else;likewise spirits can and will hinder someone from having inner peace, they thrive on turmoil and want to be worshiped.
    Inner peace is something that only you as a person can define and interpret and attain for yourself.

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