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My Story: More De-conversion Challenges

Another pet peeve I have is that often when the argument is clearly not being won by those who try to convince me of faith in Christianity, they resort to simply quoting Bible verses. This goes back to the idea that the Bible can magically change people. I don’t believe it can but can see how if you believe this you’d think differently.

However, I want you to know: I know the Bible. I’ve been soaking in it for years of my life. And it didn’t change me. I don’t need another quote about sin or God, and I certainly don’t need to hear the gospel again. I don’t mean this offensively. It’s just a waste of my time.

So if I tune out or seem disinterested when you start, don’t be offended or think I’m “hardening my heart toward God”. I’ve simply heard it and understand it, but don’t agree and don’t want to spend my time rehashing it.

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15 thoughts on “My Story: More De-conversion Challenges

  1. I am Christian, but I don’t even enjoy when people try shoving the bible down my throat. LOL. I don’t need to hear how you have decided to interpret everything. I know what I do, how it works for me and I am living my life. Cheers to you for doing the same, with or without the bible!

  2. I not only soak in the Bible verses but drown in them too. lol
    Our little town newspaper puts a verse in every day. Then there is Faith Friday in the paper too. 😦 And of course there are the praise the lord letters to the editor.
    You could probably guess what state I am from in 2 or 3 guesses. 🙂

    1. I lived in Virginia for a bit and southern VA is like that. Texas struggles too! I’ve heard TN is pretty bad as well. Those are my first 3 guesses but anything south eastern state has towns that would likely fit your bill.

  3. Proselytizing people use circular arguments without even being aware they are caught in a revolving door. Example:
    The Bible is the Word of God because God tells us it is… in the Bible.

    Explanation: This is a very serious circular argument on which many people base their entire lives. This is like getting an e-mail from a Nigerian prince, offering to give you his billion dollar fortune — but only after you wire him a “good will” offering of $50,000. Of course, you are skeptical until you read the final line in the e-mail that reads “I, prince Nubadola, assure you that this is my message, and it is legitimate. You can trust this e-mail and any others that come from me.” Now you know it is legitimate… because it says so in the e-mail.

    The only thing to do with circular argument people is to wish them well and send them on their way. For them, I use the quote, “Believe what you will but don’t believe it here.”

  4. Hello blogosphere! I have a couple simple counter-arguments that I use in these situations.
    One: a good act does not become evil because gods, ghosts or santa clauses say so. An evil act does not become good because gods, ghosts or santa clauses say so. Turns out, moral philosophy is about how living beings treat each other. This is not something supernatural creatures could have a legitimate opinion about, even if they did exist.
    Two: as far as anyone can ascertain, they do not exist.
    Three: there is no moral conclusion you can reach through religion, that you can’t reach just as easily through rational humanism.
    Four: there is no problem in moral philosophy that you can solve, or even simplify, by adding “god” to the equation. It will unfailingly muddy the waters and give rise to moral/logic flaws.
    Thoughts for food. Regards from ,

    1. If I may answer a question not directed at me,
      The purpose of life is to create the purpose of life. I don’t think you’ll find that atheists in general lack purpose. Why would purpose be dependant on supernatural beings?
      Regards, sam/atcn

    2. Its different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be anything to do with the future or with eternity. The length of your existence has no baring on the validity of your purpose. Mine is currently to help other people in medical distress, to enjoy the vast beauty of the world by exploring it, to share that joy with others through stories and photos, and to be a happy person without allowing my happiness to hurt others in the process. To say there is one overall purpose for all of humans is a bit silly. I mean do dogs all have one uniting purpose? No way. Some herd sheep, some pull dog sleds, some help blind people, some hunt in the wild to feed their families, some are a man’s best friend. Is their existence any less significant because they only live 15 years or so than if they were to live for eternity? I think not!

      1. I admire your passion for happiness and helping those in need! You’re absolutely correct, the length of life has nothing to do with what you do in those years. Everyone is blessed with individual gifts that make them unique. But all of humanity does have one purpose. I read a post online once that said something to the effect of, “The universe has no purpose. I don’t have a purpose. We live, we die, and the cycle goes on. That is all”. It breaks my heart, to be completely honest, because all of us have a purpose and a place. Wouldn’t you agree? “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Isn’t that awesome! This world is not my home, I have all of eternity to look forward to beside God!

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