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My Story: The Fall of Man

As you may have guessed from reading all this, I’m not naturally the kind of person who can just be content to let something sit that has been such an important part of my life. 

Non religion worked for a while but eventually I kept questioning, reading, learning, growing. 

By the time I had been non-religious for a year or so, I could safely say I was an atheist. 

By atheist I mean that I am a-theistic toward every proclaimed God known world of humans today. This would include Hindu gods, Allah, and of course the God of the Bible. I do not see evidence to convince me that any of these are real. 

There could be a greater being out there. After all, how did we all get here? Was energy eternally in existence? where did it come from? Who created the big bang? These questions are no different from the questions left by Christianity of course. If you think about it: who created God? Oh he existed forever? Well I could say the same of energy. It always was and always will be. So we are at the same point.

The difference is I am alright with saying “I just don’t know”. I don’t. But just because I don’t know doesn’t mean that I will jump to the conclusion “therefore God”. I’m ok not knowing. And if one day we figure it out than great. If not in my lifetime. That’s ok. Just because there is an ancient book written 2000 years ago by sheep herders and fishermen that claims to know the answer, doesn’t mean I need to accept it without proper proof. that proof doesn’t exist in my opinion. 

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25 thoughts on “My Story: The Fall of Man

  1. I kind of agree with Abraham Lincoln: “I care not much for a man’s religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it.” If your religion doesn’t inspire you to be a better person who takes care of the lowliest of animals and everyone you meet, then what is the point of being saved if it means treating everybody else as if they’re destined to go to Hell?
    I’m not sure where I stand on Christianity. I don’t know if the earth was made in six literal 24-hour days. I don’t know if Adam and Eve were real people. I don’t know what happened before Genesis 1:1 or for how long it happened. I’m okay with not knowing. What I’m not okay with is justifying slavery because the Bible never says a word against it, justifying accepting poverty because Jesus said it will always exist (he also said to take care of poor people anyway), or justifying various forms of abuse because of a misinterpretation of scripture. I might not care very much for Christianity and a lot of the evil it does, but it can only be challenged and changed from the inside out. They won’t listen to outsiders because far too often Christians discriminate against atheists as if the golden rule doesn’t apply to them.
    At this point, I can see why some people are completely justified in not believing in God based on the sorry excuse of exemplifying love from many of his followers and the extremely toxic theology that we tell ourselves to give us permission to be so unforgiving. I guess I don’t really wrestle so much with the big questions though, I try to keep myself too busy to think about them.

  2. Now you are talking “my game plan”! Enjoy life! We are here to BE HAPPY….with people everywhere telling us how they think we should do it! Don’t listen to them!
    Listen to your heart! Intuition is our gift from “The GODS” whoever and even if they are “out there”! Right one!

    1. Oh, come on -when did anyone create anything to just say -Be happy, and you are all that matters. What would happen to a world, where we all just cared for ourselves? Selfishness and greed, feed hate -which spurs killing. It makes me incredibly sad when I read about people who want the world to evolve around them -and their shouldn’t be consequences for our actions. Life should be enjoyed, but we must have consciousness -in all we do. So while you are living it up, try to find a balance that is healthy for your mind -and those in your life. We are not one person here, and one person there -we are a people. Please reconsider your thoughts here.

        1. Yes, I was only voicing mine. I stand behind what I said, as I re-read my words. There is consequences for our actions, and we must think of humankind as a whole -not just of ourselves. If you chose to be an atheist -I will still care for you -and I hope that you will care for me, even if I chose to be a Christian.

  3. It is true -believing in a God -means just believing. If you need proof, just look within. you can find him, by accepting him. If not, good luck!
    I get it, religion is hard, and being a Christian is even harder. There is a world of people waiting for the miracles of Biblical times, and not believing them at the same time. There is an answer for each miracle -it is a trick. We see them every day, with magicians.
    Yet, there are many things we can’t prove. There are things that were once thought to be proven and then proven wrong. Who knows, with time, they could be proven to be true again. That’s the thing with life -there are no clear answers, only belief or disbelief. You’ve chosen to not believe, but you have no proof -to prove you are right. A choice!
    If you want proof, and your mind tells you -you’ve found it by disbelieving -you could be wrong. Why don’t you test something safer -like which is true -you can go through a black hole and survive? Truly, I wish you only the best. I wouldn’t have even commented to this post -well, if you hadn’t have put it out there.

    1. Being a Christian is about the easiest stance you can take in the United States. Not sure if you have been to the States yet but its population is by majority Christian, In God we Trust is on the Money, the President swears on the Bible, there is complete religious freedom but that freedom seems to swing in the Christians favor (see discrimination toward other religions particularly Islam as of late), churches on every corner, entire stores devoted to Christian literature, billboards promoting Christianity in every state I’ve been to (no other life philosophy can say thing), entire TV networks devoted to the religion, the list goes on.

      I don’t except things without proof. “looking withing” is not proof.

      1. In the past you are absolutely correct. I was born and raised in the states and I have watched the decline of Christianity. It is true, that my faith base may well me stronger than other religions -but the twisting and turning of the Bible is weakening our faith and changing it into something God warned us against.

        I am sorry that you have felt the discrimination against your faith. It isn’t supposed to be that way -not for Christians.

        However, I believe it will not last -no matter how sad the situation becomes. This too, will pass -is a favorite phrase of my mothers. Looking back over history -there has always been discrimination in one form or another -Blacks, Koreans, Vietnamese, Germans, Jews, the list goes on and on. As a matter of fact, my own family line changed the way they wrote their last name during WWII, so people would not know we were German descent.

        This does not justify or give credence to these horrible acts -only the truth of the times and history of mankind.

        We reap what we sow, and right now to many Christians are reaping a lot of sorrow.

        Now, as for the states being primarily Christian -we were founded upon Christianity. If another religion finds this uncomfortable -why would they move here?

        I would not find fault with a choice, when it is chosen. Now, if one was forced to live in the states and denied their religious beliefs -that would be wrong.

        I do not see us as enimies because we have different faiths -I see us as friends, learning to live together. Sometimes, there are a few -who struggle with change -and they bite. My hope is that you and I will not bite, but learn to live in peace and friendship with one another.

        In Sha’ Allah -I understand this is a friendly blessing. My prayers are with you, my friend.

      2. Sadly, our current President does not attend church regularly, and was quoted as saying he knew he needed to make a choice, and his friends were Christian -so that is the way he went. I’ve only heard this so I do not say this with accuracy. Here is his words. “I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people, that there are values that transcend race or culture, that move us forward, and that there’s an obligation for all of us individually as well as collectively to take responsibility to make those values lived.” –
        So, as you see -it is undetermined on whether he believes in the Islamic faith of his childhood, or the Africian Land faith of his Christian upbringing, or he is a Christian. Possibly he does not have any religion, and is on the fence. Either way, he is our President.

          1. 😦 My heart hurts to read these words. I cannot change your views -even though I long to do so. This is your 1 trip, upon this earth -and you must live it as you deem fit. I still cry for you…

          2. You are a man -I just saw that. You say there should be no rules -do you have children?

            If you do -good luck! The not-so-great thing about kids -they grow up -then they realize what an idiot you are. It happens to all parents at one point or another.
            But, with your manifesto -I doubt this will be a bother for you. I hope you will find more to life -than you. Still, I will send my love, as I believe you will play your part on this earth, and leave a mark.

          3. Ah, you are young! Time heals all wounds, but we are always creating more scars. Be careful, the scars do not burn across your heart. I will love you enough for both of us -okay!
            Keep a smile upon your broken spirit and know that someone is praying for you.

  4. I don’t think the word “proof” belongs in conversations like these. A finite, dependent entity (you and me) who will even forget our names under the right circumstances (i.e. if you hit your head hard enough) should not expect to 1) be able to access such proof (do you know what it would even look like?) or 2) be able to process that data. I think the premise is bad. And unfortunately this particular mindset is common. It’s one I’ve occupied before. Humans creatures of faith, whether we want it nor not.

  5. *Humans are creatures…

    Sorry – fixing my typo in the previous comment.

    Question: have you read “Proper Confidence: Faith, Doubt, and Certainty in Christian Discipleship”? Or had anyone recommended it to you? That book is mostly the only reason I’m still a Christian. There are vast problems in the thinking of some parts of Christianity. I’m sorry you ran into so many. But I LOVE the fact that you’re thinking. It is a boon to everyone who comes to your blog, and it is inspirational.

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