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My Story: Non-religious

Non-religious: another step toward the inevitable

By now it would seem that there isn’t much more for me to loose as far as faith goes. This was about 4 years ago when I was 25. I realized I know longer believed in the God of the Bible and couldn’t honestly call myself a Christian by any real standard.

So I called myself non-religious.

My reasons were several. I was still searching. I thought perhaps the God of the Bible could be real in some sense just vastly misunderstood or misrepresented. Or perhaps there was another God.

I was probably somewhere along the lines of Thomas Jefferson as a Deist. I liked some of Jesus teachings and thought there could be a God but just not the God I was taught or that most Christians believed in.

I find a lot of people today call themselves non-religious. I think there are several reasons for this and I’d say some of them applied to me.

One is that calling yourself atheist has a bad connotation. People in America in particularly don’t trust atheists and think of them as baby eating, satanic, jerks.

Another is that most people haven’t really thought too much about it. they may have grown up not going to church or believing in any religion but haven’t given it much thought in adult life.

Finally, when you can’t decided for sure what you are, being non-religious is the most accurate description. Whether you care to think about what you believe about faith and just haven’t come to a conclusion, or perhaps you believe in God but don’t practice any religion, or just don’t care enough to give it any thought: the end result is the same. You are just not a religious person.

I have found this is more common for people who live in them moment and just enjoy life for what it is. They don’t need labels or even need to come to conclusion on matters of religion. they are happy without it and happy not thinking about it. Good for them.

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10 thoughts on “My Story: Non-religious

  1. I’m Atheist 100%.
    That means I do not believe in a god at all.
    Might there be a god? Sure – if someone can prove it. I’m happy to believe in God if someone can show that it exists.
    Until then, I have no patience with claims about gods. I’ve given up that nonsense.

  2. I recognize this dilemma of a label, regarding being ‘atheist’, ‘religious’ etc. Wonder whether it is necessary to use a term at all to describe oneself due to all the misleading associations.
    Immediately upon stating to which group I belong, people will associate my behaviour to some patterns-which might not at all correspond or be relevant.

    1. exactly, we are obsessed in the US with labeling everything and everyone: republican vs democrat, black vs white, liberal vs conservative, etc. Its a terrible way to go about living. Lets just be humans who have differing viewpoints on a variety of issues.

  3. I consider myself religious and a spiritualist….to me that means I believe in a higher power and order in the “whatever is out there”. Believing as I do gives me the hope and courage to seek happiness here on Earth and “Total Consciousness” out there. ral

  4. I am trying to understand. I try to put myself in your place. But, I am suspicious that I would feel alone, flying “solo.” When I contemplate not being created by a Creator with a divine design, then I am left wondering why am I here? If I have no design…I am just here… then why am I here? If I am here, do I have a purpose? Maybe I have a purpose…but what about other people? do they have a purpose in life? how about the suffering people? do they have a purpose to live for? I am left with a lot of questions. There is so much suffering. Why then do I get to live in a measure of affluence and another does not? Where then is justice? My mind swirls with so many questions. If we have no purpose, then why are we here? Why does one get to live with so many “perks”, when another real live human being is left with so much abuse? Where then is the justice? Why do I want to “give it all” for a mere 80 years of self-centric living? I ask this with a lot of respect, because I really do not understand how one can live without a foundation…a purpose…a meaning to one’s life.

    1. I have lots of purpose. the difference is I create my own. It is a construct of our imagination that we need to be placed here by a higher power in order to have purpose and meaning in life. As one who once believed that I was placed here by a creator, I can assure you I have more purpose and meaning in life now than I did than.

      1. Thank you for the interaction. Your blog is raw & real, and that is one of the reasons I like it. But, although you may have found a purpose that provides satisfaction, it still does not answer my questions about the rest of humanity or why 80 years of living for yourself really matters. So,, even if you are satisfied…I still struggle about humanity’s purpose. If it only works for you, then how is it a truth for everyone? If it is only good for however many days you are given, then what is the true satisfaction of that? That would be a big hang-up for me. I enjoy a kind and respectful dialogue that values the other person’s viewpoint… thanks for listening.

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