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My Story: Summary of Childhood

Summary of my childhood faith, struggles of adolescence, and growth in college

I wrote all this to hopefully give you the idea that even as a child, I was a man of faith. I didn’t agree with everyone on everything and I was oft to question. I was not perfect as one might define perfection and I certainly didn’t live up to even my own standards.

While my childhood and adolescence was often defined by the moments where we disagreed on issues of morality and faith, I think if would be accurate to say that we were in line at least 75% of the time. In fact, when it came to basic theology, the need for continual spiritual growth, the foundations of salvation, and belief in the Bible as God’s Word, I’d say it was closer to 90%.

In college, I continued to grow on the theological side. However, from a practical standpoint on matters of individual morality and personal practice, I think it would be safe to say I became much more “liberal” than my parents. This included alcohol use, music, television, church attendance (though regular was not religious), Bible reading (once again regular but not in the same form as childhood), and dating (although morality in dating was still important and the idea of sleeping or dating around was abhorrent).


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