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My Story: Dating and Sex

One thing I did agree with, was that having sex before marriage was wrong. In fact, sex in general seemed dirty and taboo. Despite reading ridiculous versus in the Bible, that graphically portrayed sexual activities, I was never comfortable with the idea.

My sex education came from reading family medical books and finally discovering a Christian how-to book on sex (in marriage of course) that my parents had stowed away. This book was essentially my sex education outside of a few medical concerns I had about puberty which were answered through medical research.

I don’t recall ever actually looking at porn as a child. Most people find that hard to believe but my only remembrances of it were accidental citings of dropped magazines on the roadside or a truck stop, and never involved actually flipping through it or surfing web porn.

In college, this changed somewhat, but not without so much guilt and shame that I found it hard to actually do. Masturbation was also taboo and brought on instant guilt as well. It was as if I was “self-raping” an actual term used by some but never in my house growing up.

I dated my first girl at the age of 19. We both wanted to wait for marriage for some things and not for others. We didn’t want parental involvement. I thought marriage and dating was the gateway to happiness. It wasn’t. I was disappointed and felt betrayed. But it didn’t change my mind about courtship being a scam.



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