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My Story: Early Doubts (4)


Another spiritual gift that was trumpeted in my early years was the gift of prophecy. This was a spiritual charismatic gift to either speak something you shouldn’t have otherwise known about someone, or predict the future.

The church had numerous prophecies which rarely were specific enough to be verified, but nonetheless served  to strengthen the notion that someone could predict the future through God’s power. I was particularly skeptical of these. Apparently, the church had special prayer meetings over newly married couples, to prophecy about the future of their marriage. Certain prophecies were spoken to my parents, some of which were quite particular (one of their descendants would become a Greek/Hebrew scholar for example). We have yet to see if this occurs. With 9 Bible studying, God seeking, Bible college attending, descendants the odds are actually good on this one.

We also had meetings from time to time, where a special prophet would speak to each person at the meeting a special message from God. The message I heard most frequently was an encouragement to read my Bible, to study it, to spend time meditating on its meaning. This theme continued even when I began attending a non-charismatic church that nonetheless still believed in prayer directed by God.

While I didn’t always take their admonitions to heart, I am quite thankful to this day for the focus growing up on the Word of God. I doubt I would be who I am today without it. Faith is strong, but learning the truth is stronger, particularly for one of a more logical mind. I did my best to continue reading the Bible and more importantly study it consistently.


3 thoughts on “My Story: Early Doubts (4)

  1. I read and studied the bible too, many times. The more I read it the more it confused me. Jesus lessons and teachings were underestimated when shared during masses ( five years ago I was a Christian too), and by making Jesus divine, Christian church basically diminished the true meaning of his stories and teachings. His teachings were for simple people spoken by a simple person, not from above. He taught people how to live among one another and treat others the way you want to be treated. He did not teach obedience and faith with no ground to stand on. Love the points you are making.

    1. Ah yes I was a Christian myself but still find some of the ideas that Jesus had to be useful. As the story will show my Christianity is a former thing. But that is getting ahead of the story.

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