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My Story: Early Doubts (3)

Just trust God

During my teenage years I embarked on many a discussion with my parents, and eventually church leaders, on issues which I did not see eye-to-eye. While these discussions were often heated and drawn out, it frustrated me that no matter how much my arguments made sense in my mind, I rarely “won” the debate.

However, somewhere along the way I started to notice a trend. Nearly all of these discussions ended with this idea expressed in some way or another: “You just need to trust God and the parents/church he’s placed over you”.

Sounds good right? There are lots of verses about faith, about trusting God, about obeying and respecting parents and church leaders right? Perhaps this was my problem in these debates: I wasn’t trusting God enough.

Eventually I realized though, that legitimate questions do not go away from the logical mind with simple phrases such as trust God. Telling me to trust God became viewed (accurately I believe) as a cop out. I would usually let the issue go at this point. And looking back on it I see that when the discussion reached this point, from a logical point of view, I had won. But this particular view of Christianity had the Ace of Spades, a trump card that could be pulled whenever logical thinking confronted its worldview.

Its amazingly convenient but does nothing to satisfy an inquisitive mind. The other solution was to read and study the Bible more and look for the answers. Which I did. Often. But when the answers aren’t there where does one look?


4 thoughts on “My Story: Early Doubts (3)

  1. There are lots of good Bible commentaries and Bible study books out there, which have helped me to understand some of the issues/books in the Bible better, particularly the Old Testament. I definitely identify with having questions, and I think it’s good to be inquisitive. It’s important to know what you believe, and why you believe what you believe, in my opinion. Pray and ask God to lead you to the right books/studies, and pray for wisdom and discernment as you go along, so that you don’t get confused by false teachings. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel uses historical facts as well as the New Testament to explain more about who Jesus is. Awesome read, if you have time! 🙂

  2. Answers are never in the book, are in your heart. You read a book and nothing speaks to you, then the next day you read again and you have that Aha moment. Same words, same book but different perspectives. That’s because you reached another level in your awareness, not because someone told you so, but because you searched and searched and searched. No book can substitute the true words that God speaks in our hearts.

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