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My Story: College Part 2

College: Give me Liberty

Sophomore year I transferred to the right wing conservative Republican school of Liberty University. While politically they equate to Fox News, in practice, the administration and student body was much more open minded than Bob Jones (Liberty still falls right of mainstream Christianity but no where to near the same extreme).

Here I saw plunged into the church in its various forms, tri-weekly convocations meetings, Wednesday night church, local Bible studies, Biblical studies programs (over 30 Bible related credits taken), and of course continuing personal Bible study and writing.

During this time, I became a strong supporter of Calvinism and accepted all five major points. I studied the theology of salvation and end times. I debated the gifts of the spirit and came to a satisfactory personal position on the idea of being filled with the spirit. While this was in contrast to my childhood upbringing, I did not deny the experience completely.

I eventually settled into a strong community of Christian friends. We were young and excited about life and mostly single. We all had various level of commitment to our faith and various degrees of Christian moral standards. However, we all shared a common faith and met throughout the week to enjoy company and Christian fellowship and teaching.

During my first few years at Liberty I began to quickly sort through the many extra-Biblical and more extreme views that I grew up under. Some issues I swung far left only to quickly swing back. Others I completely threw out. Still others I kept or wrestled with intensely. In the next post, I’ll go over some of these changes!


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