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My Story: Summary of Childhood Faith

Summary of Childhood: upbringing and subsequent faith

By the time I had graduated high school, I had a very thorough but informal knowledge and understanding of the Bible and my faith. I had memorized hundreds of verses, and more importantly knew the concepts behind hundreds of other stories. By this time I would estimate I had heard or read the entire Bible through 5 times or so. The New Testament and key passages of the faith had been studies many times more.

I had also been to Sunday service nearly 1000 times, spent 12 years in Christian focused education, attended 500 or more Bible studies and Wednesday night services, and spent untold hours in home Bible reading and prayer. In addition, I would guess I’ve read at least 50 biographies of missionaries such, as well as attended special mission’s classes, mission’s trips, and revival crusades.

Let me emphasize. I did not, and do not, believe this made me a Christian. I just want to show this as a comparison so as my story progresses you will get a thorough idea of how well I know the faith. The emphasis was faith in Word (the Bible), but the focus was often works in practice. Perhaps many would say this is what Christianity truly is.

From my perspective I could sum it up like this, everything about my life as a child involved rules and regulations that were all somehow tied back to the Bible. And yet when anyone them was ever brought to question the answer always began and ended with “you just need to trust God”.

I would say personally that while I questioned the rules and regulations and interpretation of commandments, I rarely ever questioned the faith. Even at times when I, as many Christians, doubted my faith, I never sincerely doubted that a faith based on the Bible was essential and valid. It always peeved me when seemingly minor infractions, based on personal interpretation of Scripture, could bring into question my faith. Looking back, I think this led me to perceive my faith was weaker than it actually was.


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