Ten Resolutions That will Change Your Life

1). Leave your home and travel the world

2). Do nothing half-heartedly

3). Stop wasting time on social media and YouTube

4). Create something new everyday

5). Stop being merely a consumer. Give back to society

6). Live outside of your comfort zone every single day. Stop making choices based on fear

7). Cut your monthly living expenses in half and become debt free

8). Question absolutely everything. Seek the truth

9). Make being healthy a lifestyle. Permanently. Try vegetarian for at least a month. Improve your cardio. Workout outside of the gym

10). Become 50% self sufficient by 2016


12 thoughts on “Ten Resolutions That will Change Your Life

  1. Excellent points. Can tick #1 to #9. Working on #10. Being self-sufficient is very much a walk of faith and can be scary. It may mean growing a vegetable garden, having chickens, getting out of debt and living as an itinerant, discovering our YHWH (God) -given talents and starting a business practicing them, fixing your own car using Internet tutorials as does my 18 year-old son or riding a bicycle or walking to places instead of driving. After being unemployed for a long time, out of necessity I started a business up-cycling art, home wares and clothes from discarded junk at my local rubbish tip. When my other son couldn’t afford driving lessons, tests and licences he started a small business doing yard work in addition to his job delivering junk mail. We printed out some flyers and did a letterbox drop. Then when the customers asked how much he charged he left it to them to decide. Some people gave him 3 times as much as he would have charged! Get your creative juices flowing.

  2. Love this list! While number 1 may not be feasible for everyone — currently unemployed over here — I think it is important to take the opportunity for exploration. Walk around your neighborhood. See what you can find. There’s an old graveyard, tucked away in the middle of a strip mall a little over a mile from my house. Found it one day when I was out exploring. Just goes to show, you can live in the same town for almost 30 years and still find new things!

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