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Christianity: has it lost its beauty?

Christianity is not beautiful.

Western Evangelical Organized Christianity has failed us.

We (and those around us) are disenchanted with what it has become.

We have forsaken the relationship with the Creator for a meager existence of name-calling and legalistic condemnation.

We find our most satisfying moments in pointing out the flaws of those more wicked than us so as to prove to those who we think look up to us that indeed we are more holy than the rest.

And the world does not get us. Not because we are miraculously changed by a savior who’s love is beyond comprehension, but rather because we are blundering morons who spend more time destroying our own kind than standing up for what we supposedly believe in.

We have no impact on those around us except to estrange them from sensing any sort of reality in the “truth” which we proclaim. “Truth” because it is in actuality no truth at all but rather a twisted sort of spiritualism that neglects the “more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness”.

If Christ is really beautiful and the truth found in His words, what we base our entire lives on, than why are we hated by the world? Not for following Him – but rather for being so unlike Him? The world looks at us and scoffs “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Gandhi. We gather together on Sunday morning and discuss the finer points of the law, the deeper issues of theology, the spiritual depths of sin and evil, and yet neglect the fact that Christians are the most demanding and the least generous when we go out for lunch afterward.

If the truth we present is not beautiful, can we really expect anyone to follow it? If we are the least happy people in the world can we really judge those who chose to find happiness elsewhere?

This is my own fault as much as yours. In writing this I’m condemning myself more than you. In pondering these thoughts I am recognizing that I have not arrived but have fallen more than most. And yet still: something tells me, if we have the truth shouldn’t it be beautiful like its creator?


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