Bro fashion

In understanding the ever popular bro one would be amiss to ignore his fashion design. The bro is at the forefront of modern fashion and often sets trends that . . . well were quite popular ten or so years ago. Here’s a brief look at a few of those trends.
The carpenter pants. In the mid 1990’s baggy style jeans became quite popular among most young men. This was more in a response to the tight jeans young men felt their fathers wore and of course they wanted to stand out. Perhaps one of the most popular types of baggy jeans was the carpenter or painter jean. These had a little loop on the leg that in the construction business could actually prove quite handy for holding things. Of course, for the average teenager it was simply a fashion statement.
Fast forward to 2011. Your average thinking male realized quite quickly that baggy pants were impractical and unless you were building a house carpenter loops unnecessary. But the bro felt this was a timeless style that should continue indefinitely. It is not uncommon to see a pack of bros and discover at least two or three wearing mid-90’s clothing in fact.
This would go beyond the pants to include such fashion statements as sneakers with dress pants, loose over-size polos, short sleeve button-up unbuttoned shirts, and all manner of interesting styles. Occasionally a bro will try to spice it up with something radical such as bright diamond earrings or studs. These might normally look quite appropriate much like gages with gothic style clothing if they were not completely out of touch with the rest of the bro’s fashion choices.
Another popular bro-fashion statement is the graphic tee. There is almost guaranteed to be at least one in every pack. Now certain graphic tees are quite popular with the general public including some intricate modern art designs and the like. However, the bro prefers slogans and coined phrases such as “Your Girl-friend Thinks I’m Hot”. Other quite popular phrases might include “Your Mom”, “That’s What She Said”, “Trust Me, I’m a Ninja”, and “I don’t have a short attention span, I just . . . Oh look a squirrel!”
It is thought these slogans are statements that say in one form or another “I’m cool, look at me”. Of course some would argue this comes across as childish or desperate but the bro doesn’t care.

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