Working While Waiting

Continuation of 10,000 hours  . . . 
This idea of working might have other implications as well. Let’s take it to the idea of human interaction. After all that is the point of this blog. Human interaction is perhaps most successful in the form of meaningful, mutually beneficial, long term relationships. And what better relationship (ideally) to consider than a romantic one with the hopes of possibly even a life time commitment.
I have met numerous Christians in waiting. Seeking God’s will for that one right person to be brought into their lives whom they believe will complete them. This one person is someone that God chose before the foundation of the world as that perfect someone to meet their needs and make them happy during their life. The Scripture talks about the concept of waiting on God and in this context those passages are often taken to mean that we should not worry about making these relationships happen or searching for tat someone we so desire. Rather, we should sit back and wait for God to bring them to us.
Theoretically this sounds good. It’s easy to back it up with verses perhaps and systematic theology. It also explains quite nicely why so many people who seem so nice and wonderful are still strangely without that perfect someone, they are waiting for God and He’ll bring that someone in His timing. Or maybe you are the person wondering where that someone is. And you comfort yourself by saying you will be a wonderful wife someday but you must just trust God to bring that perfect guy who will simply realize this.
But what if this is a flawed approach? What if waiting on God means more of trusting Him for the outcome (as nothing is certain even through hard work and determination) and knowing that whatever happens He has your best interest in mind? What if we are supposed to go out and do something to change who we are if those satisfying relationships we were created for seem to elude our grasp?
What I’m saying is basically become the best you can be. If you want that amazing, fairytale, charming guy isn’t if fair to assume that he wants the same in a girl? So become amazing? Most of us weren’t blessed to be born with natural “amazingness”. But with hard work, diligent study of God’s word, and learning from the strengths of others we can become that.
Wait on God as long as he require. But keep yourself busy while you wait.

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