Playing the Game like a Serpant with the Gentleness of a Dove

The man who does not fail to work from sun up till sun down 360 days of the year will never find himself lacking in success.
This is the principle that must be applied if we are to be successful. But today I want to exam success from a different perspective. See typically we view success as a game which we must master. Much of our effort and time is spent gathering information and increasing knowledge so that we can one day take advantage of others weaknesses and increase our own success. We must continually play the game of catering to another’s wishes to get what we want to rise to the top. This is seen in the dating game where people constantly vie for the most valuable mate and work to demonstrate their value through actions, dress, communication, and accomplishments. This is the game of life. Either play or get played.
My question is this. Is Christ really the answer? And if he is than is this really the game that he played? Let me say emphatically that I believe he is the answer and that his reflected the most perfect earthly life we can live and follow as an example. He was sly. He often did not answer directly. He questioned the norms. But he had a purpose and a drive that was his foundation for every move. And in the end he laid down his life sacrificially for his friends. He was shrewd like a serpent but gentle like a dove. He knew where to hit people at the heart of the matter, the things that touched them the deepest and resonated with their inmost beings. However, he also showed compassion and love and allowed himself to be taken advantage of.
This could be called the modified game. This game has principles and morals on which it is based. This game builds on mutual respect and honor. Yes this game is played with the understanding as Paul had with the Athenians unknown God that framing the question and mastering the context can often bring greater effectiveness to your message. But malicious deceit and hurtful manipulation have no place in this modified game. For the man who plays as Christ played realizes that he will receive greater joy in loving his brother than in stepping on him to reach the next rung of the ladder.
And thus we could say in the world of romance that, perhaps, true happiness is found by causing someone to completely fall for you not because you learned their emotional triggers and pushed each one in perfect timing to master their mind and bend it to your will, but because you gave that person the ability to open up so fully, to divulge their deepest secrets and most gripping fears, to expose the beauty and the wretchedness of their heart. And somehow with all the grace your heart could muster allowed that person to know without a doubt that you accept them completely and unconditionally and will never use such intimate knowledge for your personal gain at their expense. Maybe, for one person you choose to deny the exception clause given to love (and war).


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